About Me, Colin R Baker

I'm a graphic designer working and living in Springfield, Missouri. I studied graphic design at Missouri State University, under some incredible artists, and have learned from several more brilliant people since being in the workforce. 

Work Experience

I interned at 40 digits, Marlin Network, and SRC all before working at Sugar Design Studio. I started working at Sugar Design Studio as a technician mostly revising and designing packaging for Bass Pro Shops. In the three years since starting, I've moved away from packaging and spend most of my time on branding, web design and front-end development. Also, being a small studio, I've become the de facto head of in house photography and motion design. There have been many logo projects that I'm super proud to have worked on and plenty that i've gotten to lead. You can see some of my branding work here. I've also gotten to spend a lot of time interfacing with contracted developers, copy writers, and photographers to direct projects from photoshoots to greeting cards.

I'm especially excited by motion design lately, check out some of my work here. PLEASE contact me if you want a short animation done, I'd love the excuse to do more.

Me "working". I really love the  Illuminati Hotties .

Me "working". I really love the Illuminati Hotties.

My co-worker Kellin and I taking some photos.

My co-worker Kellin and I taking some photos.


My Skills

Adobe Creative Cloud

SKIP THIS PARAGRAPH IF YOU DON'T WANT TO READ ABOUT ADOBE. It can't be understated how much I love Adobe Illustrator CC. There have been very few days in the past eight years I haven't used it at least a little. I use Photoshop CC and InDesign CC nearly as often, but I blend them with Illustrator whenever possible. As I mentioned above, I've become slightly obsessed lately with animation and motion design, so naturally I've been working a lot lately with Adobe Premiere CC, Audition CC, Animate CC (formerly Flash) and above all else After Effects CC. I have experience with many other Adobe programs, but they aren't in my regular workflow nearly as often.

Web Design

My experience web designing for sugar has seen me exposed to many CMSs (our older sites were built by many different developers). I'm well versed in Wordpress and within that, Yoast's awesome SEO plugins. I've been working lately on mostly Squarespace sites (you're on one currently). I've also worked within Django, Joomla, Wordpress, Symphony, Magento, Wordpress and Wordpress. Outside of CMSs I've used Dreamweaver CC and Muse CC, and have built with Foundation and Bootstrap. I haven't used Sketch, but I'd really love to. Please?